Men's Orca Apex Flow Wetsuit
Men's Orca Apex Flow Wetsuit
Men's Orca Apex Flow Wetsuit

Men's Orca Apex Flow Wetsuit

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The Apex Flow is the most advanced wetsuit in our range, thanks to its unique flexibility and buoyancy. Designed for the most advanced open water swimmers, this suit features the best materials and technologies on the market. It is designed to maximize the elevation of the legs, helping to correct posture and keeping the body in the most hydrodynamic position possible.



  • Designed for advanced swimmers, this suit blends buoyancy with flexibility to offer enhanced hydrodynamics
  • Top-end Yamamoto neoprene construction is flexible for a full range of mobility
  • The neoprene is highly flexible, requiring 35-45% less force by the swimmer to maintain their stroke
  • Aerodome panels provide up to 30% more buoyancy than traditional neoprene
  • Hydrolite panels improve on/off speeds
  • Inverted zip improves flexibility through the back and shoulders
  • Core Lateral Stabiliser technology limits twisting to encourage correct technique
  • An Ultimate Seal collar is laser cut and inverses the Velcro fastening to prevent skin abrasion
  • 1/2/3/4/5mm construction