Pre Loved Zone 3 Thermal Aspire Mens Wetsuit M (653) - Grade A
Pre Loved Zone 3 Thermal Aspire Mens Wetsuit M (653) - Grade A
Pre Loved Zone 3 Thermal Aspire Mens Wetsuit M (653) - Grade A
Pre Loved Zone 3 Thermal Aspire Mens Wetsuit M (653) - Grade A
Pre Loved Zone 3 Thermal Aspire Mens Wetsuit M (653) - Grade A

Pre Loved Zone 3 Thermal Aspire Mens Wetsuit M (653) - Grade A

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Condition - good, small mail mark repaired on tummy. (See photos)
  • Heat-Tech Fleece lining makes this the ideal cooler weather suit or for those who like to stay warmer in the water.
  • Carefully constructed to maintain body heat around the key muscles and organs.
  • Based on Zone3’s award winning Aspire wetsuit, but with modifications to make it specific for swimming in the Spring, Autumn or Winter.
  • Made with 100% Genuine Yamamoto neoprene to ensure the suit is still light and flexible despite the thicker lining.
  • SCS Nano coating for reduced drag and Zone3’s stylish metallic gold Pro-Speed Cuffs.

Whether it is geography, seasonality or just pure motivation, sometimes we need to swim in conditions that our normal wetsuits just weren't made for. For those colder swims we have taken one of the highest rated wetsuits of the last decade, the Aspire, and added a carefully constructed thermal fleece lining.

This Heat-Tech lining maintains the bodies temperature and is located around the key muscles and organs which lose the most heat. The lining is extremely soft and comfortable which feels great next to the body. The collar, chest panel, arm and legs lengths have also been modified to help increase core warmth whilst still offering fantastic flexibility, comfort and buoyancy.

More and more swimmers want to extend the open water swimming season, starting early and finishing later so this is the perfect suit. The suit is suitable for anybody swimming in waters between 10-18 Celsius.

Key Features:

Warmth: Staying warm is the key feature of the Aspire Thermal Wetsuit, to achieve that we have combined Premium SCS #39 Yamamoto fabrics known for their high heat retention, with our Heat-Tech fleece lining for the key muscles groups which require extra warmth when swimming in colder conditions. Additionally, we have made key panel design changes to maximise body warmth.

Speed: Fast both in and out of the water, the aqua dynamic 'SCS' Nano coating reduces the drag of a regular swimmer from 0.4 to just 0.021, while the Pro Speed CuffsTM on the arms and the legs help with getting the suit off quickly so you’re ready to jump into a warm shower.

Flexibility: Chest, leg and body panels are a combination of 4mm and 5mm thickness, but the shoulders and arms still maintain a 2mm thickness with high stretch lining for flexibility and 7x more expansion than conventional wetsuit materials.

Environmentally Friendly & Buoyant: Derived from limestone that has a 23% higher closed-cell structure than oil, increasing buoyancy levels for the swimmer.

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