Pre Loved Aquasphere Phantom Triathlon Mens Wetsuit M (102) - Grade B
Pre Loved Aquasphere Phantom Triathlon Mens Wetsuit M (102) - Grade B
Aqua Sphere Phantom Triathlon Wetsuit Mens - Tri Wetsuit Hire
Aquasphere Phantom Triathlon Men's Wetsuit - VARIOUS SIZES (RRP £549) - Tri Wetsuit Hire

Pre Loved Aquasphere Phantom Triathlon Mens Wetsuit M (102) - Grade B

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Small scuff on shoulder

Perfect for keeping up your finest tri performances through the winter months, the Phantom 2.0 Wetsuit from Aqua Sphere is built to help you be your best every time you hit the water.

Aquasphere’s Phantom 2.0 Wetsuit gives you unparalleled freedom in the water, with Bio-Stretch zones placed in all the right places to give you the full range of motion. As a result, you can make every kick and stroke count like never before, further aided by Booster Pads strategically positioned to maximise forward movement during the pull phase of each stroke, all in astonishing warmth with the use of Thermo Guard technology. Further performance enhancement is provided by the Core Power System contained within, which helps to improve your posture in the water with increased buoyancy, enhancing hip rotation and so further lengthening your stroke.

The good news is that the Phantom is a wonderfully practical choice for triathlons, with an intelligent transition system that won’t slow you down as you move from one stage to another. Quick-release panels at the ankles are dead easy to use, and this works with an extended, reverse-pull zippers which also features a leash to make it easy to reach at all times. Elsewhere, you got full, effective protection from the effects of the sun’s harmful rays via full UV protection, and the Aqua-Flex collar keeps water out and helps prevent chafing in a sensitive area.

Top Features:

  • Bio-Stretch Zone: Strategically placed 1.5mm panels (under arms and lower back), 1mm panels (arm, shoulder and collar)
  • Core Power System: Internal support system that improves posture, enhancing hip rotation and lengthening stroke
  • 5mm Aqua Drive core body panel maximizes buoyancy and reduces drag thanks to Aerodome Neoprene
  • Thermo-Guard technology on chest, shoulders and legs to retain body heat
  • Quick-release ankle transition panels (horseshoe-cut design) for improved transition time
  • Extended length, reverse-pull zipper with leash for easy on/off and quick transitions
  • Aqua-Flex collar seal to keep water out and prevent chaffing and restriction
  • Super stretch, SCS-Coated Yamamoto 40 Neoprene for ultimate flexibility
  • 100% UV protection


Ex-hire wetsuits are graded, from A to D. This is based on the condition of the wetsuit and will not affect the overall performance.

Grade A – Almost as good as new. In very good condition with no tears or damage.

Grade B – Wetsuits will have the odd mark, nick or possible slight cosmetic marks/ damage (e.g. fingernail marks, fading).

Grade C – Has large fingernail tears or surface tears which need to be repaired by neoprene glue.

Grade D – Has multiple tears, severe discolouration and damage to the neoprene.

*All ex-hire wetsuit sales are final. No returns, refunds or exchanges available*