Swim Secure Safety Tow Float Elite

I have had this tow float for a few months now and have tried it both in the sea and in the river and its great. It makes a swimmer visible, even from a distance, and one thing I like about it is that it is easy to clip on an adventure light, a whistle, and a thermometer; along with anything else you may need.

As a disabled swimmer I use a walking stick to help me enter the water and the mesh pocket is the perfect size for it. This means I don’t have the worry of leaving my stick unattended whilst I am swimming. The pocket is also great for things like gels, drinks and even a camera.

The tow float is simple and easy to inflate but made from strong material that is unlikely to get damaged.

The only negative is that when using the mesh pocket the tow float often ends up flipping upside down so that whatever is in the pocket is submerged.


You can buy your Tow Float Elite from Tri Wetsuit Hire here.

- By Sophie at Adaptive Athlete.

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