Sunshine Savvy Goggles by Jo

SARAThe sunshine is coming back, the days are getting longer, and the lakes have both morning and evening swim sessions which mean that sometimes you’re just swimming into the sunshine.

In recent weeks I’ve tried two different goggles: the Aquasphere Vista Active, and the Kayenne Pro Performance.  They both fit really well, were watertight, comfortable, and easy to adjust, however the different lenses were what made most of the difference to the swim experience.


Aquasphere Vista:

Fit - the wider silicone seal meant that they were the most comfy on my face, and while the bigger goggle, they felt less obtrusive in open water as I had a bigger vision field, and they didn’t put pressure near my eye sockets at all. The blue titanium mirrored lenses offered maximum light protection - tested to the max in a sunny Sunday morning swim, and then a sunset swim where in less polarised lenses I would have been squinting a lot more.  Because of their maximum colour contrast they were less ‘tinged’ than other goggles, and colours looked a lot more real to life, which was great.


Kayenne Pro

These are really bright - which is great for visibility from any lake safety team and makes me feel more awake in general for an early morning swim. The fit is slightly closer to your eye sockets than the mask, but meant that more of my face felt the water - which is a nice experience now the water is warming up.

They have a yellow titanium mirrored lens, which was brilliant for both a sunny Sunday morning, and when there’s that odd ‘in-between grey but bright’ light that it’s normally difficult to find goggles to cope with. In that ‘in between-y’ light clear goggles are too bright, but when the clouds cover the sun completely it’s too dark to be an optimum swim experience. These goggles hit that balance nicely.



As a significant packaging plus, there was also NO plastic - which meant that I could just put the packaging in the recycling, which was a great feeling rather than wondering what to do



Blog and pictures by Affiliate, Joanne Jones (Jo) at Jo Swims and things. 


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