Orca Vitalis Breast Stroke Wetsuit

Introducing the Orca Vitalis Breast Stroke wetsuit.  We've fitted quite a few of these for our female customers recently and they've gone down a storm.  

What a fab design and works perfectly for breast stroke and even front crawl!  The Vitalis Breast Stroke Wetsuit is super flexible and has actually been a winner with our more shapely customers.  It's flexibility means everyone can feel confident in this, not sure just in it's performance in the water but also in the way you look - one of our customers recently commented that she felt like a "seal" in other suits but this one gave her a lovely shape and she therefore felt more confident on the lake side. I think the words "Lara Croft" might have been uttered.  

The contours of the suit means that it fits beautifully around the chest and the panel down the breastbone gives the flexibility required for breast stroke. 

The lower cut soft neckline is really comfortable and the seal is great. 

We tried the Vitalis Orca Breastroke suit out and I have to say it was extremely comfortable and really was like having a second skin.  It's probably one of my favourite wetsuits and I absolutely love fitting them for our customers here at Tri Wetsuit Hire. 

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If you have any questions about the Orca range then we would love to hear from you and happy to help



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