Orca Neoprene One Piece Women Swimsuit Review

Cold water dipping or swimming brings many benefits both physically and mentally. Whether it is at your local wild spot or enjoying your local lido, there is something special about immersing yourself in the thrilling chill of cold water.

Except that for some people, it can feel a little bit too cold for comfort and that is where Orca’s Neoprene One Piece Swimsuit can make the difference. Made of neoprene and designed to be either worn over your usual swimming costume or on its own, it can offer that extra bit of warmth to help you get more out of your dips or whatever water-based activity you happen to be doing.

This is a great addition to your kit bag for when you want that extra level of comfort on colder days but I can also see myself wearing it in warmer months when I want to swim longer and want to keep my core snug.

I found it easy to get on and off and I particularly like the cut away shoulders which allowed me to swim freely.

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Jude Palmer is an experienced wild swimmer, swim runner and Open Water Swimming Coach, Trail Running Coach based in Surrey. She loves nothing more than sharing her love for adventure with others. Follow her on social media @RunSurreyHills

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