5 Reasons as to Why Chose a FatStick SUP?

Why chose a Fatstick (why fatstick vs other brands / why are we working with them)

There are a lot of SUP brands out there so we just want to take a moment to talk about why we decided to start working with FatStick and why we think their boards sound out above the rest!


FatStick was created from a passion and love for the ocean by owner Reuben. Spending most of his life surfing and after suffering back problems and unable to prone surf any longer, Rueben needed a route back into the water. This was the beginning of FatStick. Reuben lives for the brand he created and grew – it gives him such a buzz to see people out there, riding FatSticks.



FatStick is a British brand created in 2012 and here are Tri Wetsuit Hire we are always trying to work alongside other British companies to mutually succeed.

FatStick are an honest and genuine business who hold strong values to their brand and mission. They will never pretend to be perfect and always act with transparency. These are the types of businesses we want to work with. 



Safety should be anyone's and is our first priority! We know that the team over at FatStick also take this very seriously and are actually the first brand to design and supply a Quick Release Waist Belt!

Read more about the QR waist belt here.



  • When we look for products to give you, our hirer, we look with you in mind! We want something of outstanding quality that will last and give you the best experience. We believe FatStick ticks all of the boxes when it comes to quality and stability!
  • FatStick boards are all 4'7 inches thick which means you're closer to the water. So although your feet might get a bit wetter than on other boards, it means that you will feel more balanced on your board, even when standing!
  • Speaking about the boards themselves, we love that they come with a detachable kayak seat as well as a convertible SUP/Kayak paddle! So you don't need to think about the extra expense!




Not only are the whole team over at FatStick passionate about being in the water, they are also passionate about keeping the waters clean and being as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. Which is why you won't find any single use plastics with your board, from start of design to arriving at your door! They have also cut down on paper and all of their instruction manuals and information is accessed by a QR found on a single piece of paper within your order. 

For more about FatStick and sustainability, read their blog here.

These are just a few reasons why we use FatStick, but don't take our word for it... Hire it for yourself and find out why we love them so much! 

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For more information about the differences between the AirStick and the Pure Art, click here.

If you have decided on a FatStick Board, then welcome to the family! Join the FatStick Owners Group on Facebook for recommendations and top tips about your board! - page here

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