Do I need a kids specific SUP board?

" I am taking my 10 year old child out on a SUP, do I need a kids specific board? "

This is a question we get asked a lot here at Tri Wetsuit Hire so we thought we'd jot down our comments for anyone who might be wondering the same?! 

The standard size for a SUP is 10 ft 6, that is what you will get from most brands out there as it is sturdy and still easy to maneuver well. So there isn't a huge market for smaller 'kids SUPs'. 

Why isn't there a big market? This is because although smaller boards are easier to maneuver in the water and easier to carry out of the water, they are known for being less stable and for kids that's not always ideal. Smaller boards are also slower! So if the rest of the group are out on 10ft6's then the little members of your group are going to trail behind.

If you are sure that a smaller board is what you need, then we do have a board for you!

We do work with Fatstick who have a 9 ft 5 Pure Art SUP board which is an option for small children or small/lightweight adults. This board only come in blue.

Like we mentioned, having the smaller board will be less stable, but the 9ft 5 Pure Art does not lack in quality! 

With double skin drop stitch material over the whole board that is fusioned together rather than glued, this board is as durable as they come and stiffer, making the experience more like a hard board and the ride smoother.

So there isn't a lot to think about when pondering if you need to invest in a smaller board. Realistically, unless your child is rather young and small (and might even need to ride with you on your board) your 10 year old should be fine on a standard 10 ft 6 board.

If you have any further questions about what board is best for your child then please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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