Buoyancy aids for plus sizes

Having trouble buying a plus size PFD/buoyancy aid??

We have tested and honestly reviewed 3 Baltic buoyancy aids to see which fits the curvier lady... 

(our model is a size 18, 5"9 and weighs 100kg)

1. Baltic Canoe

The Canoe is a one size fits all 50 N buoyancy aid. It says the weight limit is 40kg+. We found numerous problems with this buoyancy aid:

1. Small head space - as you can see in the image below, the space isnt wide enough! 

 2. The shape of the buoyancy aid across the chest means it rises up too high which makes it obstructing and uncomfortable 


3.The waist straps were not long enough. It only just fitted, making it hard to fasten the buckle

Link here to purchase the Baltic Canoe

 2. Baltic Ifloat belt

Different to a conventional buoyancy aid, we also reviewed the Baltic Ifloat. With the ifloat you only deploy it if needed and then replace the canister.

What we liked about the belt?

  • One size fits all
  • Looks nice and discrete in black
  • Comfortable and lightweight

What we didn't liked about the belt?

  • Pricey at £130-£140
  • Its a lot of faff to change the cannister every time it deploys. 
  • The belt 'loose' and unsure as to whether it was tied up tight enough around the waist
  • We also flagged- when it does deploy, there is uncertainly what shape it will be and what weight it will hold

Link here to purchase the Baltic IFloat

  3.  Baltic Paddler

We tested the large which on the Baltic size chart says 70kg+

This was our favorite buoyancy aid! It had lots of head room, felt comfortable and a much better fit across the chest. The waist belt had more space too.

It is great value at £37.50 and available in Yellow or Red. We like the Yellow best for safety as most visible! 

Link here to purchase the Baltic Paddler 

Overall, our thoughts...

For the curvier figure, we suggest going for a buoyancy aid which has open sides, this is much better for movement to paddle. We also suggest no zips as more likely to catch zips on the board when you're trying to get back on the board.

We really liked the Baltic Paddler  and this is the buoyancy aid we recommend for plus sizes!


Hope this helps! If you have any further questions then just give us a shout on hello@triwetsuithire.co.uk / 01737 823771

The Tri Wetsuit Hire Team 


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