Wild Swimming Christmas Gift Guide

Seasoned wild swimmer or perhaps this is your first year, what better reason to add some water themed gifts to your or somebody else’s Christmas List. Here at Tri Wetsuit Hire we came up with our favourites (big hint Father Christmas)

Swim hat

A nice bright hat not only keeps your head warm, helps you be seen and they can be a whole lot of fun too. We can’t help but love this swim hat from Cool Bathings. Click here     

Tow Float

An absolute safety must for wild swimming if you want to be seen. These bright tow floats from Ulu are also dry bags, so you can tuck your keys, cake or clothes in if you swim longer. Click here

Subscription to a swimming magazine full of other people like you

When not in water, we are dreaming, reading about being in water. Keep up to date with your swim tribe with Outdoor Swimmer, the only magazine in the world dedicated to open water swimming in all its forms Click here and 220 Triathlon, the UK’s longest-running and most popular magazine for all things triathlon-related Click here 

Entry to an event

A great way to swim in new places or to challenge yourself. We can't decide between Tri Wetsuit Hire friends, Madhatter Sports' Polkerris Swim Festival in sunny Cornwall in September  Click here or a Castle Series Swim Click here. Perhaps both ; )

Keep your feet warm 

Swim Coach, Jude’s, best present last year from her 3 daughters. A door mat from Robert Dyas. (they splashed out!) Keeps the feet clean but more importantly asks as a barrier between your feet and the cold floor.

Gloves / socks / hat

Gloves, socks and hats can make all the difference to our enjoyment and many find they add that extra layer of comfort as they swim through the winter. Always in our swim bag whatever the weather. Click here for our great selection.   


Woolly hat

Great for staying warm, swimming in, covering up your bad hair day, what is not to love about a warm woolly hat. Why not match the colours to your swim community or your personality. Please Santa bring us this bright and cheery Salty Seabird (a social enterprise which aims to encourage more people into swimming) one for the grey months ahead. Click here

Swim Robe

With plenty of different brands to choose from including those made from more sustainable materials, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to oversized robes to keep us warm, keep out the wind and make us feel part of the swim tribe. Yonda, Selkie and Smoc Smoc to name but a few.


A gift to the environment

Be a good ancestor and give something back by donating to The Rivers Trust or getting involved in practical projects https://www.theriverstrust.org/take-action

We may moan about water quality here in the UK but we can help make drinking water a reality for many in other countries with Wateraid https://www.wateraid.org/uk/

Swim bag

If you are looking to upgrade from your Ikea Bag to a bag with a load more useful features, a waterproof swim rucksack like this one from Wild Moose (www.wild-moose.co.uk) could be the way to go. We think the external loops could be great for holding your rolled up stand mat.

A swim coaching session with Jude Palmer or Paul MacKenzie

We love learning new swim tips, tricks and improving our confidence in the water and so we really value time spent with experienced swimmers and coaches, Jude and Paul. A great gift for a loved one or yourself. www.runsurreyhills.com 

Thermal blanket

An inexpensive piece of kit to throw to the bottom of your kit bag but priceless if you need to warm yourself or someone else up. Not to be confused with the thin emergency blankets which are not good for wild swimming as they do not help keep heat in.

Seek out new swim adventures

If you have your eye on swimming to that desert island or fancy going from A to B with your wordly possessions in tow then a Ruckraft could be for you. A large drybag combined with an inflatable raft makes towing easy. Click here


So go on Santa, we have been a very good bunch of swimmers and dippers. Fill our dry bags a plenty with goodies.

Merry Christmas

The Tri Wetsuit Hire Team


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