What to wear for Outdoor Swimming in the Winter

Are you new to Winter cold open water swimming? Or did you get the bug this summer and are wondering HOW you can brave the cold water to carry on through the winter season?

Well, look no further! Here are our top tips to what to wear for cold water swimming and some things for you to think about purchasing to help you stay warm:

1. Wear a thermal specific wetsuit

In the last 2 years, some of the biggest wetsuit brands (Zone 3, Orca, HUUB) have all launched thermal specific wetsuits onto the market because of the growth of cold water swimming in UK.

One of the best thermal swimming wetsuits on the market is the Blueseventy Thermal Reaction

We think it is great quality, great durability and does what it says on the tin – provides warmth.


    The Thermal Reaction does come with a price tag so be prepared to invest but we truly believe it is money well spent! If you are not sure about buying straight off the bat, then we would always recommend hiring first. We offer anything from a 2 week to a full winter season thermal wetsuit hire and we are able to offer the Blueseventy thermal reaction. Check out our friend Mark’s experience from when he hired a Blueseventy Thermal Reaction from us.

    2. Layers, layers, layers

    Our second suggestion would be layers, layer, layers! If you don’t want or have a thermal wetsuit then have a think about thermal vests and adding extra layers under a wetsuit.

    One of the best ways to keep warm is to layer up. If you go skiing in the middle of Alaska you are going to wear tight fitting layers and it is the same for open water swimming and is definitely worth considering.

    Here at Tri Wetsuit Hire, we stock a range of thermal vest from 0.5mm – 3mm, sleeveless and full sleeve. To see our full range of thermal vest head over to our website, including the U30 Waterproof vest.

    The U30 Waterproof Vest is designed to blend with your wetsuit for maximum comfort and warmth!

    3. Thermal Accessories

    Above all else, if you want to keep nice and toasty while in the cold water then thermal accessories are a MUST!

    The first things to get cold when you are swimming are your extremities (your pinkies, tinkies and noggin). So, we would strongly advice that you invest in a thermal cap, gloves, socks.

    Here at Tri Wetsuit Hire we would recommend Blueseventy’s thermal accessory range.


    • The Blueseventy thermal cap has an adjustable head strap to make sure you get a nice tight fit. It is also thermal lined meaning everyone we speak to describes getting very toasty in it.
    • The Blueseventy thermal socks not only keep you warm but will also prevent injury to your feet from uneven surfaces when not in the water – also keeps the sludge out from between your toes.
    • The Blueseventy thermal gloves keep you warm whilst leaving a natural feeling of the water as they are not too thick or heavy. A couple of people have even suggested that wearing the gloves helped them swim faster!

    It is important to find the right accessories for you so that you can keep your head, feet and hands warm whilst still feeling natural in the water to enjoy your swim. We have a big range of thermal accessories so feel free to get in touch to chat with us if you have any questions.

    4. Changing Robes

    Being prepared for the cold whilst in the water is important but being prepared for the cold when you’re out is just as important!

    Changing robes are great for getting dry and changed after your swim and is the perfect addition to any open water swimmers wardrobe providing all the warmth and functionality you need to stay warm before and after your swim.

    At Tri Wetsuit Hire we LOVE Yonda’s changing robe from the design to the price tag! Check it out here.


    We hope you find this blog useful. If any questions feel free to get in touch at hello@triwetsuithire.co.uk

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