Wetsuits for the more curvaceous or plus-size women’s body

For an increasing number of people, swimming - and especially outdoor swimming - is one of life’s joys. The space, the freedom, the open air, the ability to immerse yourself in nature’s beauty, the detachment from technology. Here at Tri Wetsuit Hire we can’t think of a better way to spend an early morning, with mist rising from a still mild temperature lake, or to close off a hectic day, with no lines, no lanes, and no limits.

If you’re an avid triathlete, brand new to the sport, or, if you simply swim outdoors but don’t know where to start to find a wetsuit to fit, we have something for everyone.

Finding a wetsuit to fit has not always been easy..

This particular blog is concentrating on those for whom finding a wetsuit to fit has not always been easy; for those whose figure hasn’t historically suited the sleek fit of a wetsuit; those with a plus size or curvaceous figure.

Here at Tri Wetsuit Hire we are experienced in finding wetsuits for a fuller figure, spending the last 5 years honing our knowledge so that we can fit wetsuits to all shapes and sizes, not just top level triathletes! We absolutely love it!


What do we offer that is different?

We have spent a serious amount of time working out what wetsuits fit a plus size body best and we have some really great options that we stock:

  • Orca Vitalis TRN in size MW and LW - Orca have created a pattern from scratch, specifically for women. A design that caters to the female form, respecting its morphological characteristics, with the result of improved performance and comfort. Orca has launched the MW and the LW, further broadening their sizing range and ensuring, whatever your body type, you can be assured of a fit that offers both performance and comfort.

  • Blue Seventy’s Athena range is made for curvier women. It is generous in the bust, hip and thigh areas. These are triathlon wetsuits with buoyancy. Here is what Blue Seventy say about their FEMME FIT…. Fit and feel is everything. Just ask the amazing female athletes that helped us develop our women's specific range. We obsess over the fine details of all our women's suits: smaller wrists and ankles, longer zippers to make them easier to get in and out of, and a lowered neckline to provide superior comfort and reduced chafing.

  • Aqua Skins – If you are a breaststroke swimmer and like to feel ‘free’, you might not even need a wetsuit for buoyancy. Then this is the perfect wetsuit for you. These wetsuits are super flexible and comfortable. Please see below pics of the Aqua Skin.


  • Yonda- we love Yonda wetsuits! A genuine, down to earth British business who cares about quality. The Yonda Spook and Spectre are available in Womens 3XL and 4XL. These are Lyns favourite wetsuits! In 2023, Yonda launched the 'SS' size


  • Orca Shorty wetsuits are a great all-round comfortable wetsuits. We sell / hire loads of these and never have any issues! It’s a shorty for all kinds of water sports activities. A basic and functional wetsuit in 2-3mm neoprene wetsuit which provides good flexibility and excellent durability. Low neck profile for comfort. Standard rear-facing zipper. Orange panels for high visibility in the water. 




When you contact us to hire a wetsuit you’ll see from our hire form that we ask a lot of quite detailed information to assess your body type and size - we use this information and our wetsuit knowledge to work out which suit will be best for you. If we get it wrong (which doesn’t happen too often I’m pleased to admit) you can return the wetsuit and we will arrange a different size. We don’t rely on you to tick a small, medium or large box, or to guess what will work – we will do that for you!

Plus Size Wetsuit Hire

We have now launched plus size wetsuit hire - link here

 Simply enter your size details and hire duration / date requirements and we will do the rest. This is the ultimate 'try before you buy'

And finally…

Our USP – we genuinely want to help you to reach your swimming goals – if that’s a triathlon swim PB, an open water 2k, or just getting out there and doing it – we are behind you 100%. Tri Wetsuit Hire is a small team, and we get to know our customers so that they come back to us year after year. We go to the lakes where you swim, we know the products and we know what works. It is a community, and we are swimmers too.


Thank you for reading and we look forward to hearing from you! 


Sporting Regards,

The Tri Wetsuit Hire Team




  • we are looking for a wet suit for my wife size 26/28 do you sell any

    merfyn edmunds
  • Hi
    I wondered if you can help me please?
    We are holidaying at lake coniston this august and I would like to try swimming in the lake. I feel the cold and would like to hire a wet suit. I am a large lady can you advise me of how to go about getting a suit to fit please?
    Many thanks

    Caroline Chambers
  • I’m 5ft7 and 200lb, steadily losing weight, I’ve always been sporty but put weight on over Covid. I’m a 16 verging 18 just now but need a wet suit now. What size?

  • I would like to hire a size 20 for a period of time (1 month) – how do I know to get the Aqua skin or something else? Plodding breastroker maybe a bit of crawl wants to practice in pool before already book guided open swim at end July.

    Danuta Zalega

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