Orca launch new sizes specifically for women

Orca has created a pattern from scratch, specifically for women. A design that caters to the female form, respecting its morphological characteristics, with the result of improved performance and comfort.

Orca has launched the MW and the LW sizes, further broadening their sizing range and ensuring, whatever your body type, you can be assured of a fit that offers both performance and comfort.

The size details are


Chest: 42" - 44"

Height: 5"5 - 5"10

Weight: 86- 98kg



Chest: 46" - 49"

Height: 5"8 - 6"1

Weight: 95- 117kg


The MW and LW are just available in the Vitalis TRN women's wetsuit model. 

Shop now the new MW and LW size


Orca has also introduced XST (extra small tall) and ST (small tall) in their range of female triathlon wetsuits. These sizes offer support and comfort to taller triathletes and ultimately, enables them to perform better.

If you have any questions about the new Orca sizes or need help choosing a wetsuit then we would love to hear from you

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  • Thanks team for fitting me out with th3 new Breaststroke Orca wetsuit.. 3k done yesterday, and a few great compliments on the shape and fit already. Great to know it looks as good as it feels. As a 34D, 12-14, 5ft 4 women, I’m loving the cut, and the mono boob (girls you know what I mean) has now gone! #designedforher


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