How To Measure For A Wetsuit

Getting the right wetsuit size can be difficult, it is not as easy as just picking a size 14 off the rail. We need 5 key measurements in order to give you the best fitting wetsuit we can!
If you're not sure exactly what we need when we ask for your measurements, here is a quick read about the 5 measurements we ask for and  the easiest way to go about getting them.


When measuring your chest, make sure you are either a bra or swimming costume and measure around the biggest part of your chest. If you can, measure in centimetres (cm).


Knowing exactly where to measure your waist can be tricky as everyone thinks of the waist in slightly different places. The easiest way we find, is to place your hands where they would naturally rest on your hips, then take your measuring tape and measure where your hands were. 


Just like when measuring your chest, make sure to measure the widest part of your hips. Looking in the mirror might help for this step.


You might have a tack tick for doing this by your self but we suggest you ask a friend to help so you can get the most accurate measurement.


Probably the scariest step of them all but just jump onto the scales. Measure in Kilograms (Kg) if you can.

All you need to do now is send your measurements to us so we can send you the perfect fit!

Here are some of our top pieces of advice when it comes to wetsuit fit:

  • Wetsuits with more buoyancy on the legs, require a more precise fit around the legs.
  • Wetsuit should be touching the armpit and tight upto the crotch
  • The finishing point of the sleeve or leg is less important.
  • The zipper should run flush against the spine, no ripples.
  • The wetsuit should not be ‘baggy’ on the lower back, upto 10cm.




Hope this helps! 

The Tri Wetsuit Hire Team 


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