C-Monsta Wetsuit Hanger: the thing you thought you would never need

"Something to make drying my wetsuit easier," they said. "Don't be daft," I replied.  "I have got a radiator for that" and what clearer sign is there that you are a committed wild swimmer than to have every radiator in your house festooned with wetsuits, socks, booties, gloves and hat. Plus I am northern, I don't spend money easily. 

But one swim into testing the C Monsta Wetsuit Hanger and I am a BIG BIG fan. This wetsuit hanger is the product you never thought you would need but once tried you wonder how you survived without it. 

Lightweight and made from recycled plastic it holds my wetsuit in the best way possible to avoid stretching out the shoulders and has great space for my socks and gloves which helps them dry quicker. 

The hook is another great feature as it was big enough to hang from the radiator at home but also on a tree whilst I packed the rest of my gear away. 

The best bit was that in taking it with me, my gear went straight from me onto it and avoided the stuffing it into a bag, I've forgotten it scenario after I had gotten home. I carried the hanger from the car and immediately hung it all up once at home. 

So if you were going to treat yourself to something really useful - this is it. 

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Jude Palmer is an experienced wild swimmer, swim runner and Open Water Swimming Coach, Trail Running Coach based in Surrey. She loves nothing more than sharing her love for adventure with others. Follow her on social media @RunSurreyHills

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