Are you struggling to find a waist belt that is big enough?

Are you struggling to find a dry bag/tow float waist belt that is big enough? Don’t worry – we have a solution!

Imagine, you have your wetsuit hire, your thermal accessories (if necessary), you have checked the weather and you’re off for a swim! But hold up, your tow float or dry bag doesn’t fit around your waist - Eek!


Have you had this problem?

Here at Tri Wetsuit Hire, we have a high level of appreciation for our friends who don't fit the usual 'athlete' image, it can be intimidating trying to find clothing for outdoor swimming - we know it and we’re trying to make a change!

When you go swimming, safety is the most important thing to take into account and it is just as important for us, which is why we think it is crazy that you can’t get belts long enough for something so essential. But no need to fear, we have a couple of solutions for you.

 1. Add an extra belt as an extension!

Using the belt already provided with your tow float or dry bag, you can buy an extra belt to connect up and add length. We have some Swim Secure ones on our website for you to look at here!



2. Ulu’s Plus Size Waist Belt!

Rather than the extra clips, our good friends at Ulu have a waist belt with the extra length built in! The waist belt can be found here on our website.


3. Tow Float Extension Strap - shop here 

Extension for increasing the overall size of the waist strap on our tow floats.

This Tow Float Extension Strap can be used with most of our range of tow floats if the standard belt is not large enough.

The extension strap will add 27 cm in length to the existing belt making the maximum theoretical waist measurement with the Tow Float Extension Strap fitted 146cm.

Should you need a bigger extension on the waist belt you can connect multiple Tow Float Extension Straps to the waist belt.

Tow Float Extension Strap – Tri Wetsuit Hire


If you know of any other problems that the swimming world doesn’t cater to for our bigger built swimmers, let us know!


Happy Swimming,

The Tri Wetsuit Hire Team


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  • Love all the advice – thank you
    I would love to find a wetsuit style swim suit with long arms like some brands make but never past a size 14/16! Can you help?


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