A Guide to Thermal Wetsuits

Are you keen to keep training in open water this winter season and wondering what makes a thermal wetsuit and the difference it could make to your swimming? 

What is a Thermal Wetsuit? 

A thermal wetsuit is designed to keep you warm in colder water. If you're swimming in water less than 16 degrees a Thermal wetsuit is recommended.

Simply put, a Thermal Wetsuit is made with a thicker neoprene and has a warmer inner layer, to help keep you toasty warm

Can you wear a Thermal Wetsuit in the Summer?

Yes, of course. If you feel the cold a Thermal wetsuit is a must have and you can wear it all year round. The thermal wetsuits are made specifically for swimming with lots of flexibility.


What thermal wetsuits do Tri Wetsuit Hire recommend?

Blueseventy Thermal wetsuit

The latest Blue Seventy Thermal Reaction wetsuit includes a thick zirconium jersey liner, which has a wool-like feel and keeps you nice and toasty!

This wetsuit has a 4:5:4 buoyancy profile giving a good body position for front crawl. Blueseventy say this wetsuit is suitable for swims down to 8°C water. We think this wetsuit is the warmest out there but it is more pricey!

You can read a review on the Blueseventy Thermal Reaction here, written by our friend Mark Ross owner of Kairos Multisport

Shop here: Blueseventy Thermal Reaction Wetsuit

Orca RS1 Thermal wetsuit

This wetsuit is a bit unique as it includes an inner ‘batwing’ layer of neoprene inside the suit that sits across the back and pulls over your head to add extra protection against trickles through the zip and provide a snug fit to stop water ingress down the neck.

This wetsuit includes a soft-touch ‘X-thermal’ lining which is really flexible and to pull on. We think this wetsuit is the most flexible thermal wetsuit providing a more natural feeling swim! 

Shop here: Orca Thermal RS1


Why not hire?

Here at Tri Wetsuit Hire we understand the price points of a thermal wetsuit can be overwhelming or you may wish to try before you buy’ and so we do offer the option to hire a specific Thermal Wetsuit Hire.

Hire a thermal wetsuit from Tri Wetsuit Hire here.


What Thermal Accessories are needed for the Winter?

The warmth products which we recommend are:

  • Thermal Neoprene Swim Socks
  • Neoprene Swim Gloves
  • Neoprene Cap
  • Neoprene Warmth Vest

Shop here

If anyone is looking for advice about thermal wetsuits then get in touch at

Sporting Regards,
Tri Wetsuit Hire

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