Yonda Hydro Glides (Polarised)
Yonda Hydro Glides (Polarised)

Yonda Hydro Glides (Polarised)

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Designed for comfort and ease of use, with soft silicone gasket and curved Polarised lenses. Yonda Hydro Glide goggles have been designed to sit comfortably against your face during swim sessions and be easy to adjust.

The curved lenses ensure exceptional 180-degree visibility and feature anti-fog technology so that you can focus on your swim

Polarised lenses are great to used in sunny or cloudy conditions and work as a great bit of kit to have in your swim bag.

Polarised benefit you the most however when being used in direct sunshine or high level lighting; polarised lenses reduce glare and the reflection of the sun or light.

  • High end polarised lenses with UV protection to reduce glare and sun reflection.
  • Wide vision, flexible, anti fog, impact resistant.
  • Perfect for triathlon, open water swimming and training
  • Distortion free curved lenses, 180 degree panoramic vision
  • Skilled UltraFUSE technology offering lens integrity
  • Easily adjusted buckle
  • Ultra soft gasket for a comfortable fit
  • Silicone head strap

    If you would like any further information, please email us at hello@triwetsuithire.co.uk