Waterproof R30 Rashguard Long sleeve- Womens
Waterproof R30 Rashguard Long sleeve- Womens

Waterproof R30 Rashguard Long sleeve- Womens

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 Waterproof R30 Womens Rashguard - Long Sleeve

If you’re looking for great protection against abrasion in the water with excellent levels of comfort and durability then you may be looking for the Waterproof R30 Rashguard. The R30 is comprised of Spandex Lycra which acts to be quick drying, flexible, durable and lightweight. The R30 is also multi use as it can be used underneath a wetsuit but is also comfortable being worn as an undershirt or just on its own.

The R30 offers outstanding protection against the sun with 50+ UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) protection, meaning that you will always be protected wherever you are. The experience wearing the Rashguard is enhanced by its ten panel construction, which works to add extra flexibility and mobility. The long sleeve version is more at home under a full wetsuit than the short sleeve version, but is a matter of preference.

Key Benefits

  • Abrasion Protection - Rashguards are designed to act against rashes that are caused by abrasion, the R30 makes sure that you are protected while you dive.
  • Built to last - The bonded high quality nylon thread is there to make sure that the rashguard lasts over years of use.
  • Sun Protection - This rashguard is 50+ UPF, meaning that it blocks out 97.5% - 98%+ of UV radiation, meaning you will always be protected against the sun when wearing it.
  • Lightweight - The Spandex Lycra used in the rashguard is extremely lightweight, meaning that it won’t be heavy to wear for extended periods of time.
  • Flexible Material - The combination of the Spandex Lycra material and ten panel construction means that the R30 has increased levels of flexibility and mobility in and out of the water.
  • Quick Drying - The rashguard is also quick drying due to its Spandex Lycra composition, meaning it will dry off quickly after use, perfect for packing.

Short sleeved available- link here