Swim Research Thermal Skull Cap - Tri Wetsuit Hire
Swim Research Thermal Skull Cap - Tri Wetsuit Hire
Swim Research Thermal Skull Cap - Tri Wetsuit Hire
Swim Research Thermal Skull Cap

Swim Research Thermal Skull Cap

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 Colour: Black/Orange

The Swim Research Elite 3mm  Sull Cap is designed  for open water swimming to provide thermal protection combined with a flexible quick dry thermal lining.  Utilising C-Skins 100% thermotech glideskin neoprene for enhanced thermal protection and encouraging water run-off to help reduce windchill.

By combining superior flexible neoprenes with a minimal panel design C-Skins have designed a swimming cap with a superb contoured and comfortable fit.  Glued and blindstitched seam construction helps reduce water ingress for improved warmth retention.

Strata neoprene panel used on the top of the hood incorporates embossed channels in the neoprene to encourage water flow but has a double function as this also allows the neoprene to flex over the top of the head for unsurpassed comfort and fit.


  • 3mm Neoprene
  • C-Skins 100% Thermotech Glideskin Neoprene for superb hydrodynamics
  • Comfortable and flexible quick dry thermal lining
  • Glued and Blindstitched seam construction
  • Strata Neoprene on the top of the cap - embossed channels encourage water flow and reduce potential drag
  • Minimal Panel design
  • Soft and flexible chin strap with low bulk optional velcro adjustment for custom fit
  • C-Skins Eco Credentials
  • Limestone Neoprene - Mined limestone replaces petrochemicals = less environmental impact
  • Eco Carbon Black - A key ingredient in neoprene that is sourced from dumped rubber tyres
  • Aqua X Water Based Glue - Eliminates harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during neoprene lamination process
  • Dope-Dyed Yarns - Saves huge amounts of water and energy while eliminating water pollution
  • Blue Sign System Partner - Manufacturing complies with the most demanding standards in the global textile industry