Chestnut Tree House -  Swim Event (29th August 2021)

Chestnut Tree House - Swim Event (29th August 2021)

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Order here for wetsuit hire for the Chestnut Tree House -  Swim Event (29th August 2021)

*Please order by Thursday 25th August*

How it works

Simply complete the form and pay now to reserve a wetsuit.

Then collect you reserved wetsuit on the day of the event

Return the wetsuit after your race.

FAQ Hire Questions

Can I hire on the day without pre-ordering?

We highly recommend you pre-book here to avoid disappointment as we will have limited stock with us on the day and it will be on a first come first service basis.

What size am I?

If you let us know your height and weight, we will carefully allocate you a wetsuit to your size dimensions.

Whereabouts do I collect the wetsuits from on the day?

Head over to our Tri Wetsuit Hire stand- look out for the Tri Wetsuit Hire flags!

How do I order more than 1 wetsuit?

You need to fill the form out and add to the basket for each wetsuit you would like to hire

I am charity party and would like to hire more than 5 wetsuits, is this possible?

Yes all you need to do is order the desire quantity. If you want to contact us, feel free to email us at hello@triwetsuithire.co.uk

Can I cancel a hire and get a refund?

I’m afraid we do not refund cancellations.

How do I return my wetsuit once I've finished with it?

Simply after your race, drop the wetsuit off at our stand.

When I collect on the day, if the wetsuit doesn’t fit, can I change my size?

If you are confident that the wetsuit doesn’t fit and you wish to change size, we will try our very best to offer you a different size (subject to availability)