What is a Quick Release Waist Belt?

One of the causes of injuries or fatalities when SUPing is actually down to not being able to reach your ankle strap when you may have fallen off your board, into a current and you don't have the strength or flexibility to release yourself from the strap.

 So why have an ankle strap?

An ankle leash is designed to keep you and your board together whilst out on the water. By being around your ankle, it is kept out of the way of paddles and allows you do manoeuvre easily without anything being in the way!

But if you fall off and get pulled under or dragged by a current then the ankle leash is further to reach to undo, meaning you might now have the strength, breath or flexibility to reach the strap if you are being pulled under water.

Over at FatStick, they have taken the initiative to create and develop a quick release waist belt!



The aircraft style belt is designed to allow the rider to detach from the board quicker in a struggle. This QR waist belt is only at arms length meaning the rider has a MUCH higher chance to release themselves.

Although the belt is easy to remove quickly by pulling the red tag, it does have some size restrictions and may not be suitable for small children or adults

Every FatStick board comes with both the ankle leash and QR waist belt, so you can chose what you use.

If you would like a QR waist belt you can buy one here and use it on the board you already have.


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