Plus Size Wetsuit Hire

Are you over size 16 or XXL and can't find a wetsuit??

Wetsuits seem like they are all designed for slim, fit, elite triathletes but what about the casual chunky, curvy folk!! We get it and we are here to help! We have now launched Plus Size Wetsuit Hire 

How it works?

  • Simply follow the link here
  • Fill in the form with your size details and please add any extra comments in the box.
  • Place your order
  • We will then review your size details and match you up to a suitable wetsuit. If we have any queries we will get in touch with you. 
  • You will receive your wetsuit in the post and off you swim!
  • After your hire, you can either return, extend your hire period or purchase the wetsuit.

What wetsuit will I get?

We work with the best brands including: ORCA, Yonda, Blue Seventy & Aqua Sphere. 

We have done lots of research and we have a curated range of wetsuits which we know are good quality, do the job and will fit your individuals needs. We know how your sizes work.

What happens if the wetsuit doesn't fit? 

We are very confident and proud to have over 95% fitting success rate! 

If you feel the wetsuit doesn't fit when it arrives, get in touch with us and we will have a chat. We are likely to ask for some piccys too. If we both agree a new wetsuit is needed then no probs we will have another go! 




 p.s don't be put off your swimming adventures because you can't find a silly wetsuit that fits. Please just get in touch and we would love to help!


Sporting Regards

Tri Wetsuit Hire Team

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